Binomial Nomenclature

by Annelids

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Bioluminescent beings at the bottom of the sea, Silently they invite me to their hideout. Bathysphere of stainless steel, I'll hang out with gulper eels. The only pressure that i feel Is to ditch surface life and stay here. The lure of the angler, the allure of ostracods. So dark, yet assuaging. Comforted by vampire squid.
Atop the shifting sands, beneath rolling surf We who are nourished by the Earth all share a common past. Leave your walls. Meet them all. You need not travel far. Great or small, glide or crawl Each with distinct character
Please, science, let me live to see the day When we can salvage ancient DNA I'd rather I not expire until I've seen The second coming of the Pleistocene Behold the new Americas Recolonized by Megatherium Climb aboard with me atop this Glyptodon He might seem slow, but oh why would we need to hurry? Generations will stride along, with or without us We'll be as much a memory as Gigantopithecus
You said that I got my heart broken. If so, why did my blood keep moving? I've felt every rhythmic contraction. I know that's why my head keeps pounding. No trace of your being predates your conception No vestige of self after death shall remain No spirit, no essence divides you from nature All consciousness lies fully within your brain
Shaped by the waves, we devour the sun. If we build you a seaside will you leave us alone? Building barriers: our life's work. Like a mountain's rise as earth collides. Building barriers: our life's work. We are helpless now as they collapse. We yearn to escape, but we're fastened to this place And the poison that we taste Hastens a numbered day decay My friends, don't get up your hopes too soon for i regret to inform you we're not traveling to the moon It's too big and too dry and just too far away. But take pride in knowing that out there in space they can still see our house, the mark that we've left. Beneath the blue ocean, a pale silhouette
A splash of sallow white breaks the blackened husk Like the ring of sunlight framing an eclipse What little strength remains is spent with fruitless strains A somatic prison subjugates escape I reevaluate my concept of the weight of all lives I separate myself to remove one link from the chain A moral lesson carried out by invertebrates whose dimensions belie personalities diversified
Cave: a hole in the ground Whatever it is, we climbed on down Like quarters slipping into a mysterious slot machine We're gambling our time and our limbs for a jackpot of adventure Now, I don't know if we're in danger And frankly I don't even care As long as the beasts keep getting stranger We'll feel like we are millionaires Two quick pulls and this machine is paying off The silent eyes in dark fissures are our shining coins Eager to spill from the cave's deep pockets Now, I don't know if we're in danger And frankly I don't even care As long as the beasts keep getting stranger We'll feel like we are millionaires Uncontaminated and concealed From the ceaseless litter of Miller Lite cans That accumulate into mountains and valleys Imitation is the sincerest form of contamination This place has been theirs And now it can also be ours
I need no mysteries to inspire my awe When I find reverence in the avian jaw There's no need for tales of floods or of nails When life defines fantasy A flashing display of chromatophores will always inspire me. That's all I need.
You've spoken tales of your five years at sea and the grandeur of life that dwells in the shadows of trees Each secret isle revealed a gift so pristine But the cruel flood of man since erodes what you've seen A ghost ship will take me away into yesterday A ghost ship to take me away, rewinding decades If I could set sail through the seas of time and space I would stand at your side and feel the sun's warm embrace Marching from shores, I would savor each day In a cocoon of reason until I awake
The only illustration of apparent design Is in your inane campaign Built to undermine geological time The argument is more useless than a femur to a baleen whale Irreducible complexity is irrefutable absurdity Perhaps planarians could make you see Even the eye can have a family tree Who designed your designer?
I've lost the last of my inter-species siblings without a way to cut my years in half I can't regain that feeling Farewell. You can't come home tonight. This thought is overwhelming. Now rest, my companions. I've never known a man to offer such allegiance. No motive but for love - pure constancy perfected It comforts me, indeed, to know that each had vast repayment Farewell. You can't come home tonight. This thought is overwhelming. Our world, so beautiful and utterly indifferent. Let's go for a walk together.


released October 16, 2008

All Songs written and arranged by Bill Henderson, copyright 2008.
- Cello on "The Last Walk" by Annie Barley
- Flute and Backing Vocals on "Ghost Ship" by Melissa Fowler
- Violin on "Skeletal Architects" by Kev Sigman
- Guitar solo on "Cathedral of the Ibis" by Jon Tarella
- Recorded and Mastered at Azimuth Mastering.


all rights reserved



Annelids New Jersey

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